Tik Tok in now Banned in India, Is It Illegal To Use It?

By | April 18, 2019

Tik Tok Hua Block in India, Is It Illegal To Use It?

Tik Tok has been blocked from Google Play Store and App Store. But people who have this app in their smartphone already have been able to use it. So, in the real sense it can not be called a bane.

The Tick Tok App in India has become very fast. Firstly known as Musicly, these apps are well-known in the big cities of India. From Bollywood stars to many famous people have also used it. Now this app has been banned from Store Play Store, but is it illegal to use it?

Since people are still using it and working on a smartphone, it is not illegal to use it. If the phone stops running and the Indian government issues a ban order with this app, and if this app is considered illegal it will be called an illegal app and it can be penalized if used. But this is not so far.

Some people believe that Tik Tok promotes pornography. The Madras High Court ordered Tik Tok to be banned and asked the central government to ban the ban on this app.
Google and Apple have not yet given any official statement, but Tik Tok has been removed from the Android Play Store and Apple App Store.

Will it be banned by removing Tik Tok from app store and play store?
No. Deleting an app from the app store and banning the app are two different things. Smartphone users whose phones have this app are still able to use it properly. Whether it’s an Android smartphone or an iPhone Yes, it is of course that people can not download it now, so the number of users will not be able to increase.

Google and Apple’s increased responsibility?

If the Indian government tells Google and Apple that this app is to be illegitized, so that no one can use it, then it can be difficult for Syzad Apple and Google. But for this, the government has to talk directly with the tick talk, because the app company has the right to shut down the app completely from the smartphone’s smartphone. There is no such news till now.
At present there is no statement from Tik Tok. Hopefully soon the statement will be issued on behalf of the Tic Tok.