Solar job with 1.64 lakh people in 1 year, you also have a chance to train

By | June 18, 2018

Solar job with 1.64 lakh people in 1 year, you also have a chance to train
The Modi government had increased the target of solar power five times, its impact is now visible. Employment in this sector is growing rapidly. In the report released by the International Renewable Energy Agency on Thursday, it has been said that in India, more than 1, 64 thousand people got jobs in the solar sector in the year 2016-17. There is a possibility that there will be further increase in the coming years. In this case, if you can also connect your career to a solar sector. If you want to do this, then the government is giving you training of solar power. Today we will tell you how you start your career in the solar power sector by training. can do.

Who is giving training
Skill development training is given from time to time by the Skill Development Ministry and Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. These days, training is being given on solar power from both the ministries.

How long is training
Two days of training is being given by the National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (Nisbad) of the Skill Development Ministry, which will be held on 26th and 27th May. While the MSME Technology Center of the Ministry of MSME is being given two day training too. This training is being given on May 19 and 20.

What will get training
During training you will be told that information about the installation and design of solar systems, technology and components, site analysis, load connections, government support, government policy will be given. Practical will also be done during training.

Learn to do business too

Business will also get information
During this training, you will also be told about starting a solar business. The government is also promoting solar business too. In this training you will be told all the details of the business.

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