Opportunity to do business with railways, earning bumper

By | July 27, 2018

Opportunity to do business with railways, earning bumper
If you are fond of doing business, then you have an opportunity. This opportunity is being given to none other than Indian Railways. You can start your business by joining the Indian Railway. Railway Travel Service Agent (RTSA) is being recruited by IRCTC of Indian Railways, these agents can book online rail tickets online in their city, for which they will be given a good commission. So let us briefly tell you about this business.
About Rail Travel Service Agent

Tell you that some authorized agents of IRCTC are appointed in every city, these agents can book online tickets by logging on their IRCTC website from their city. They are also given separate ID for this purpose. In addition to ticket booking, they are also commissioned.
20 thousand rupees will be deposited

To become a Rail Travel Service agent, you only need to deposit only 20 thousand rupees for the first time. At the same time, security deposit is also done as 10 rupees, which will be refundable. Apart from this, a demand draft of Rs 20,000 will be made in the name of IRCTC, while the agent will have to pay 5000 rupees annually as a renewal.
This way you will get commissioned

IRCTC has been commissioned by the Railway Travel Service Agent. Rail Travel Service Agent (RTSA) can be commissioned as an agency. During booking ticket, you can recover a maximum of 30 rupees on a sleeper class ticket and a maximum of Rs 60 per ticket per ticket on a ticket which will be charged more than the ticket price and the service tax will be different.

Such applications

First of all, you will have to take a Class Personal Digital Certificate to become a Rail Travel Service Agent. This certificate will be obtained from any Indian Certifying Authority. After that, to become the authorized agent of the railway, you have to make an agreement on a stamp paper of Rs. 100. With all-

In the name of IRCTC, a Demand Draft of Rs. 20 thousand will be prepared.
The IRCTC’s copy of the registration form will have to be copied.
Class III third digital digital certificate must also be taken.
There will also be a letter from the respective zonal railway.
PAN card, income tax returns of last years and address proof must be given.
Download from here Registration Form

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