Make a YouTube channel and earn millions of rupees, such change your YouTube channel name

By | July 11, 2018

Make a YouTube channel and earn millions of rupees, such change your YouTube channel name
New Delhi – Friends: Today we have millions of different movies, music, stand-up shows and nothing. It’s all we have found to be possible due to the YouTube nose, a major platform. YouTube has changed many people’s life by giving many creative creators many creative places and has inspired thousands of people to do something different. From the beginning of YouTube, this is one of the common platforms for another reason. This is opposite to other platforms, and it’s free. By making your own channel on YouTube to stream other channels, everything you do is absolutely free.

In the last three years, there have been lots of YouTube users as a result of other YouTube successes. YouTubers are those who have a channel to post many activities like posting music videos, interactive videos, or comedy videos on the platform. All this is done under YouTube’s rules and regulations. People who create these accounts are responsible for everything they post and that is why they need to make sure that whatever they post they copy or steal from other platforms using the platform It has not been so.

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The way it has been made possible is simple. All you have to do is choose a great name for your channel and create a channel that can easily be done by filling some basic details. Then you start posting videos based on what interests you. When you start uploading videos often, you will receive many ‘subscribers’. One is the person who wants to see more of your work and thus, subscribes to your channel. Comments on the work of the channel are commented in the comment section. People can like or dislike your videos and share them with different platforms and social media spaces. In this way words-mouth techniques are used to spread awareness about your channel and to get as many customers as possible.

If you have made a mistake in the name of the channel, then it can be changed easily by changing it. You can do this by following a few steps below:

Open Chrome browser and go to

Click the ‘Sign In’ button in the right-hand corner and fill out the details (username and password). Once you’ve signed in to your account, click on the image of thumb on the right corner of the page.

Click on ‘Manufacturer Studio’ and then click on ‘View Channel’. You will see a setting icon next to the channel name, click on it and then click on ‘Channel Settings’, you will be directed to a new page, in which you will see ‘edit on Google’ right next to the channel name, but Click and proceed to rename it.

Once saved, click Save. Take the name of your YouTube channel changed and then refresh the page to see the new name.

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