Know How to Add New Mobile Number in Adhar Card.

By | April 17, 2019

Know How to Add a New Mobile Number to Aadhar Card

Today is known as the most useful identity card in today’s time. Now you do not need to go through many documents. The Aadhaar card is enough to prove your identity.

Using Aadhaar card, you can take advantage of government facilities by using Aadhaar card anywhere from the bank to the gas connection, from education to the electricity department. All mobile telecom companies support the Aadhaar card to provide SIM card. You can understand how much Aadhaar card is necessary.
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To download Aadhaar card online, you can send OTP to the registered mobile number from the base, after downloading the OTP, you download the Aadhar card but if that number is not available to you i.e. it has been stolen or If it is closed then you can not download the online card. In this situation, you need to register a new number in your Aadhaar card.
Can a new mobile number be entered in the online Aadhar card?

If the mobile number already entered in the Aadhaar card is no longer available to you and you want to add a new mobile number to your Aadhar card, then it is not possible online.

For this, you will have to go to a public service center to create Aadhar card. Right now for citizen identity security, UIDAI has not made online access to all new Aadhaar numbers.
How to register a new number in Aadhaar card?

It is very easy to move to your nearest base center. There the mobile number lying in your Aadhaar card will be updated with your new mobile number.

So in this way you can easily update the registered mobile number in your Aadhar number.