Know how much gas is consumed by the plane in one second

By | July 26, 2018

Weird-Double Desk: Generally, when a person goes to buy a new car or bike, he asks about mileage or average. The buyer wants to know how much car is going on in one liter of petrol or diesel, but you never thought how much airplane would bring millions of people from one day to another. The fuel used in aircraft is called ATF (aviation turbine fuel). Most people do not know about its use. In this article we are telling you, how many liters of fuel is used during the flight.

During the 10-hour flight, 1 million 36 thousand liters of fuel was used

While talking about the Boeing 747 average of the world’s largest commercial aircrafts, the aircraft uses 1 gallon (3.78 liters) of fuel per second during its flight. During this 10 hour flight, it spends about 36 thousand gallons (one million 36 thousand liters).
According to the company’s Boeing 747 website, this aircraft uses about 12 liters of fuel to fly one kilometer. This aircraft can fly 568 people simultaneously. Its maximum speed is 900 km / h.

Many methods are used to protect the vehicle

– Considering the use of so many planes in the plane, many methods are used to save here.
The most important thing is the direct route to planes. That is, the plane is taken on the road rather than on a long road, rather than taking it long. This method is commonly used for fuel saving.
In addition to normal ferries to save fuel, the aircraft is also flying at a certain speed, which reduces the use of the engine.
Less weight of the aircraft is also beneficial in the use of the engine. Lose weight of the aircraft, less use of the engine will be less.

There are many types of aviation fuel

Generally, two types of fuel are used in the aviation field. Jet fuel and aviation (aviation gasoline). Of these, jet fuel is based on unleaded kerosene and is widely used in planes and avaws are used in small piston engines.

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