India can ban WhatsApp Calling feature! Read this news

By | June 13, 2018

India can ban WhatsApp Calling feature!
The WhatsApp messaging app is popular due to its service and features throughout the world including India. Whatsapp is considered as the most advanced and safe app in all its competitor applications. Although the Indian government can soon stop the most popular features of Whatsapp. According to the reports, the government can block the calling feature of Whatsapp. Government can block this feature to curb talks between terrorists and their handlers or colleagues across the Indian border.


It is being said that the Indian government is working on the outline strategy, where Whatsapp Calling can be banned on the affected places. The first case of use of Whatsapp for terrorist activities came out in the Nagarota Army camp in 2016. Then it was also known that terrorists talk with his colleagues via chatting chatting. At the same time, the NIA (National Investigation Agency) had said that Whatsapp is also used for the guidance guides around the border.

This is a matter of great concern for many countries including India. The Indian Home Ministry had recently held a meeting to deal with the matter. In the meeting, officials of the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Department of Telecommunication, Department of Electronics with some of the security agencies of Jammu and Kashmir Police were present.

The Government of India has now decided that it will introduce new policies in which Whatsapp will be brought under Indian jurisdiction. This change will help the Indian government to spread malicious full data, stop terrorist activities and child pornography. The Indian government is also working on the development of stringent IT laws to break such criminal activities on social networking platforms.

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