Huawei is working on a phone with zoom camera and extra screen

By | April 29, 2019

Chinese manufacturer Huawei has released amazing phones in recent years. Huawei P and Mate series devices have become one of the most sought after smartphones for a few years. Huawei P-30 series will be announced later this month. These new high-end telephones receive significantly smaller amounts than last year so that the big screen surface is also understood.

Heway P30 has been classified by a new camera system in the rear, with three vertical cameras. One of these cameras has a pariscopic lens, which can exceptionally get a larger optical zoom range. The Huawei phone is probably equipped with a 10x optical zoom, which is comparable to the latest zoom technology, which Oppo has performed on MWC 2019 last month.

The recently-released design patents show that Heweyi is considering developing a mobile phone with a zoom camera. In addition to the periscopic camera lens, this smartphone has a special feature: a special display is placed directly under the triple camera system.

Huawei patented smartphone with an additional screen

Front looks expected Huawei P30, but the proportion of patent models have fallen more. It is almost full-screen design, which has a very small rass sensor, at the top, which is probably the time it takes to turn off the 3D face recognition sensor. These sensors are placed half way on the edge of the screen so that the output can be maintained very low.

Huawei has a triple camera on the back of the phone. The third lens differs from the other two lenses. The square-shaped lens indicates that Huawei wants to use the telescope camera system with the P30. With this model, the camera is in vertical position instead of vertical mode. There is an autofocus system flash and laser on the left side of the three cameras.

Most striking of this mobile phone is the additional screen. Around a square screen placed directly below the tri-camera. A perfect demonstration to create your own. This means that high-quality images can be captured later using the latest camera system. Very intelligent imagination by Huawei engineers.

The rear-end smartphone screen is not entirely new. For example, the Vivo Nex Dual Displays were released late last year, and this device is equipped with another screen. With this model, you decide not to put the front camera forward to create a full-screen design.

Vivo phones are also equipped with face recognition, but with the rear screen. As defined by the best, Huawei likes to keep face recognition in the foreground.

The new Matte 30 smartphone will be released in the second half of the year. Huawei may want to use a patented design for its new, unbranded device. There is a good chance that the Chinese manufacturer will launch the Huawei phone with a slider camera before that time.