Do not keep the same old gift on Rakshabandhan, give it to your sister, these smart gadgets

By | August 25, 2018

Rakshabandhan Gift – In Rakshabandhan, only a few days have passed, in which the tension of every brother should have increased, what this gift will give to your sister this time.

Clothes, jewelery and chocolates have become very old, with a new era, you should now change a bit too. Right, no, so let’s solve the confusion of your gift. What could be better than the gadget in today’s hi tech era,

So let us tell you which rakshabandhan gifts you can give to your sister.

Rakshabandhan Gift –

1 – Smart Locks

This is not a simple lock-up, but there is a magical lock that protects your sister in times of trouble. Actually, there is a button behind it that can send messages to the state of emergency by clicking on it. Also the live location can be shared through this locket. It costs Rs 1,999 and you can buy it from e-commerce website.

2 – Hot-spot device

Geo Fi or Airtel hot-spot device is also a good gift option. Through these, the Internet can be used easily or at home or outside the Internet. If your sister spends too much time on the Internet then this gift is best for her. You can call this device priced at a thousand mobile Wi-Fi router.

3 – Powerbank

If the power bank passes away or when traveling, then the problem of mobile battery discharge will not be there. You can gift your bank to PowerBank, during the journey it will be very useful.

4 – Bluetooth Speaker

If your sister is fond of music you can gift her a Bluetooth speaker. In the online market, you will easily find Bluetooth speakers of companies like MI, JBL, Wonderboom, Flipps. These are not too expensive too.

5 – fitness band

If your sister is a fitness freak then this will be a perfect gift for her. Seeing fitness tracker bands will definitely make them happy. Fiton band will be found on any online website.

6 – VR headset

If your sister is fond of film or video on mobile then you can give them virtual reality headset gifts. The VR headset is also quite trendy nowadays.

7 – Bluetooth Headphones

If your sister talks too much on the phone or listens to songs, she can also gift a Bluetooth headphone. In the market there are Bluetooth headphones of companies like Samsung, JBL, sniper and bot, you can take anybody according to your budget.

8 – Google Chrome Cast

If your sister has a smart TV in the house then you can also gift them Google Chrome Cast. With this help, they can connect their phones to the TV and watch the video you want in the phone on TV.

9 – Kindle

If your sister likes to read, kindle will be her best gift. Its battery also works well and many good books are also available on this free.


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