After 5 hours, I got up from Chita, 'dead' Ramkishan, said- I accidentally took Yalamuk

By | April 30, 2018

After 5 hours, I got up from Chita, ‘dead’ Ramkishan, said- I accidentally took Yalamuk
Aligarh If a person dies after the death, it is possible only in stories or stories. But this happened in Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh. A person was alive after 5 hours after the death. The people of the house were mourning and Ramkishan had told me that they had accidentally taken me when they asked the relatives involved in preparing for the funeral. The weeds of the family turned into happiness People were tears in their eyes, but smiles were smiling on their face.

Ramkishan was killed in death

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Kirthla village of Atrauli in Aligarh. Where 53-year-old Ramkishan Singh alias Bhura Singh died After the death of Ramkishan, the family got angry. Ramkishan’s death reported spread to all relatives. Water was also leakaged in the eyes of the villagers when they saw the crying of the families. The people of the village had started preparing for the funeral. But after 5 hours, Ramkishan’s body got stirred, so people were shocked. People did not believe Ramkishan saw family relatives and friends and called everyone by name.

Yamraj was mistakenly taken away

Seeing the people crying, Ramkishore said that I am absolutely right. They said that Yamraj had taken me away by mistake but sent it back. Ramkishan said that my number was not there so I pushed him away. Ramkishan’s body grew up and after listening to the talk, astonishing smiles appeared on the faces of the people of the village.

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